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Premiered June 3-4, 2017
San Francisco International Art Festival
Southside Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

VOYAGE is a 70-minute ritual music drama utilizing video and interactive electronics, composed by Richard Marriott and Made Subandi to a libretto by Ruth Margraff, with Pamela Z, Carla Fabrizio and Sarah Willner. Voyage is inspired by a Balinese ritual called Calonarang, and is about crossing over the boundaries between nations, the crossroads between cultures, and the territory between life and death.

The text of VOYAGE is drawn from the memoirs of migrants and refugees from many eras, including our own. The vocalists, Made Subandi and Pamela Z, virtuosos with wildly different techniques, deliver conversations and confrontations in which travelers encounter forces seeking to stop their journeys. The librettist is Ruth Margraff, a renowned playwright who serves on the Creative Writing faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The dramaturg is Rachel Cooper. Rachel is Director of Global Performing Arts and Cultural Initiatives at the Asia Society and co-founder of Gamelan Sekar Jaya.

The instrumental ensemble was assembled for its solid musicianship and cross-cultural experimental potential. Carla Fabrizio and Sarah Willner are multi-instrumentalists who are skilled on both Western strings and Balinese instruments. Richard Marriott is a specialist on wind instruments, Western and Asian.In addition to his vocal talents, Made Subandi is a celebrated performer on Balinese gender, kendang and suling.

With the addition of electronic devices, the acoustic instruments in VOYAGE will also serve as controllers of video and lighting elements. For example, an ultrasonic device fitted to the trombone will broadcast the exact slide position, controlling the speed of projected video.

VOYAGE is co-produced with Circuit Network and made possible in part through the generosity of the San Francisco Arts Commission and media The Foundation, Inc. Ensemble Performers: Made Subandi & Pamela Z with Carla Fabrizio, Sarah Willner, & Richard Marriott.